“Bill’s clout and ties to special interest money have funded the avalanche of deceptive advertising about me, ads that Bud Shuster claimed are “documented facts.” But those ads have been proven false by FactCheck.org, which declared them to be “simply wrong.”-Art Halvorson
Art Halvorson’s method of selectively choosing what parts of stories and statements to use for his false claims is laughable. The FactCheck.org story he frequently cites confirmed that he did indeed receive thousands in subsidies on his farm in Bedford, and he personally benefited from thousands more in ethanol subsidies in Iowa.


Art Halvorson also conveniently leaves out that the same FactCheck.org story he loves to cite determined that his negative Vehicle Mileage Tax ad was not true.

Shuster campaign issues a challenge to Art Halvorson for next debate
Art Halvorson, is it possible for you to answer at least 50% of the questions at the next debate without attacking Congressman Shuster? Or are negative attacks all that you are capable of doing?


Do you have any new ideas or solutions? Do you have any substantive responses to offer or just more of your baseless angry attacks?  After the Altoona debate, many in the audience said they would love to see you provide some solutions instead of just accusations, and we echo their concerns. So we challenge you- at the next debate in Franklin County, see if you can make it through 50% of the questions without your negative attacks.

@ArtHalvorson Penn State-Altoona debate, final question demonstrates that Halvorson is the only TRUE pro-life candidate on the ballot!
Art must have checked out early from the debate because no one in the audience knew what his answer was for the final question regarding pro-life issues.  The panelists and moderator were just as confused by the fact that he never even answered the question.


Just to be clear, Congressman Shuster has a 100% pro-life voting record and has been endorsed by the National Right to Life Committee but Art knew that already.

Halvorson distinguished himself from Shuster on key conservative issues such as ObamaCare, the creation of new jobs in the District, the Vehicle Mileage Tax, and eliminating the deficit and national debt. –Art Halvorson Press Release 5/2/14
It’s one thing for Art Halvorson to release a statement desperately attempting to spin the debate towards his favor, but to fake issues that weren’t even brought up? That’s a new low, even for the Halvorson campaign. There was no discussion about VMT during the entire Penn State Altoona debate, because everyone knows it’s not a real issue. Congressman Shuster has repeatedly said he doesn’t support the VMT, and even did so during the last debate.


But feel free to keep bringing up a non-issue Halvorson, you look as foolish as you did in your rambling, desperate attacking answers.

Art Halvorson-“Mr. Shuster has launched another smear campaign based on false accusations and twisted wording.”
The more the voters learn about Art Halvorson’s record the more they realize he’s not fit to represent a conservative region like Southwest and Central Pennsylvania. Providing them with the facts behind Halvorson’s support for raising taxes on 99 percent of Americans or his “opposition” to subsidies after he received thousands in them is not a smear campaign – it’s simply stating the truth.

@ArtHalvorson ‘Rep Bill Shuster afraid to debate so publishes quotes out-of-context and resorts to name-calling to hide his record.’
Art Halvorson’s repeated accusations that Congressman Shuster was not going to debate him and Travis Schooley were consistent with his entire campaign – full of lies. For the better half of a year Congressman Shuster has said that he relishes the opportunity to debate all of the candidates and discuss the issues important to the voters in Central and Southwestern Pennsylvania. These upcoming debates will allow the voters an opportunity to finally learn more about Art Halvorson’s record or lack thereof.


His answers should be interesting when he’s asked why he would vote with Nancy Pelosi to block Republican legislation and why he would have let taxes go up on 99 percent of Americans.